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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol Ii Mon Khmer Siamese Chinese Families"

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2g                                                            MON-KHMSE  FAMILY.
Kat-u-iopathan       du          wa     poi       hi    uni    u-kh5a   mi     u-ba
In-sptte-of-that  as-soon-as   tftat   came   only this    ihe-zon   thine    who    plunged
me           ha       ki-kusbi,     te      e      khawai     mi     ie-i-bhak     u,s        Nei'te
thy-(property)   in    the-harlots,   then   give    feast     than    far-sake     his.'      Then
ong   u,   'khon,   me   u-ba   juli   em     shirup    ba    ngaf       kat       i«ba   em   i
said   he,    'son,    thou   who   ever wast   together with   me,     whatever what was that
jong   nga,   du    i   jong   me    don.      Em       kam   u        ia-rkhai     ia-kmen     i
of     me,   only   it     of    thee    all.   There-Is   need   to     maJse«me^ry    jolly       w®
neibhah u-ni,    a    paiu      mi    u-wa   da     lap,    da      im     wan    u;      u-ba    da
for       this,   the brother  thine   who   was dead, was  alive again he;      who
wiar,   da   shern     wan     u.'
lost,   was found   again   he.9